Pudding Apeel Active Fruit Glycolic Mask

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  • 3.25 oz. glass jar | 14-18 applications
  • Skin Type: Great for dry, uneven & aging skin. Not recommended for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin.
  • How to Use: Apply a thin layer, let dry, and rinse with cool water.
  • Are you ready for a tingling textural improvement? This gentle vanilla tapioca pudding resurfacing mask helps slough away dead surface cells, revealing newer, smooth textured skin. All of this, with no abrasion needed!
  • Pudding Apeel® is gentle, but leaves an incredible finish! Glycolic and fruit extract Alpha Hydroxy Acids combine with hydrating honey and coconut milk to infuse skin with moisture as you renew. Tapioca provides a silky feel to skin. Added green tea and honeysuckle extracts help soothe irritations. The exfoliation process also aids in the control of acne and helps improve the look of sun damaged and aging skin.
Pudding Apeel Active Fruit  Glycolic Mask